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Brand Introduction

Keofitt is focused on one matter only: proper representative and uncompromised sampling

Keofitt is a specialized Danish company founded by engineer and master brewer Kai Ottung. Keofitt is focused on one matter only: hygienic and sterile sampling. This has been the base from the very beginning and continues to be the base still. Kai Ottung worked with breweries around the world to improve product quality and in doing so he developed a unique product range for sterile sampling for the medical, the soft drink and the food industry as well as, of course, the breweries.

Kai Ottung’s revolutionary invention was an inline sterilizable sampling valve. The valve became the very foundation of a company: Keofitt. Quickly, Keofitt then became the industry’s generic term for line sterilizable sampling valves, even if it is a copy. However, there can only be one true specialist, and Keofitt today remains the market standard and the specialist that with great dedication continues to develop and improve sampling equipment. This is what sets us apart from everyone and everything else in the industry.

The product range is still unique and we always strive to only bring you the best in sampling equipment

The original in-line sterilizable sampling valve has been updated and improved and new inventions have been made. This is because all we ever did was sampling and all we ever do is sampling. The product range is still unique, and we always strive to only bring you the best in sampling equipment. The very extensive focus on this one particular area alone makes us the one and only true specialist in this field.

Keofitt is made in Denmark all the way. The valve was invented and developed in Denmark. The production is today still carried out in Denmark, and so is distribution of the broad range of sampling equipment. The Keofitt head office is, of course, also located in Denmark.

Today, Keofitt remains an independent company owned by Henrik Lysgaard Salomon and we continue to specialize in the niche of hygienic, sterile and aseptic process sampling only.

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