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Crydom DRC3P48A400

P/N:DRC3P48A400      Brand:Crydom

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Din Rail Mount AC Output

DRC3P Series

The DRC3P Series is a family of DIN Rail Mount, IEC standard based Solid State Contactors with a proprietary thermal management technology, which allows them to switch on and off 3-phase loads of up to 7.6 Amps per phase at 600 VAC in a compact 45mm wide package.

The DRC3P Series Solid State Contactors are particularly suited for demanding applications where you need to control (start/stop) 3-phase motors of up to 5HP at 480 VAC. They offer the highest switching frequency in the market (up to 9000 cycles per hour), making them the ideal solution for replacement of electromechanical contactors in applications that require high reliability and/or frequent switching.

The DRC3P Series models are available in 2 configurations (with 2 or 3 controlled legs) and they are available with optional embedded auxiliary contacts for additional functionality in your control circuits.

Additional features of the DRC3P Series include:
  • LED input status indicator

  • AC or DC control

  • Zero voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output

  • Available with Solid State or EMR auxiliary contacts

  • Built-in Overvoltage Protection

  • UL 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating

  • C-UL-US listed, CCC certified, IEC rated, CE compliant, Horsepower Rated


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