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6TC Series Aircraft Circuit Breaker

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The Klixon three phase 6TC and 9TC circuit breakers provide ambient compensated circuit protection in a lightweight, subminiature package size. The three phase design integrates each individual phase to provide overcurrent protection in the event of simultaneous or unbalanced overloads, including short circuit conditions.


Miniature size

Light weight

Trip–free design

AS58091 qualified

Current rating: 2 to 25 amps

High vibration resistance

High interrupting capacity

Protective terminal barriers between each phase

Vibration pads improve mounting stability

One phase trips all

Options include: longer push buttons, dust boot (part #14500-1 fits 15/32 bushing, part #14500-5 fits 7/16 bushing)

Typical use: Military and commercial aircraft


Vibrations10G minimum, 50–500 Hz (other vibration levels available)

Mechanical Shock50G


Weight65 gram maximum (6TC14)

Interrupt Current2–25 amps: 2,000 amps at 120 VAC, 400 Hz


2,500 cycles: 120 VAC, 400 Hz inductive

5,000 cycles: 120 VAC, 400 Hz resistive

5,000 cycles: Mechanical, no load

Ambient Temperature Compensation-54°C to 121°C

Especially suited for applications where ambient temperature exceeds the 71°C (160°F) maximum of non–ambient compensated thermal circuit breakers. However, care should be taken to understand the specification limits at elevated ambient temperatures.

EuropeanEuropean Standards

Most European Aircraft OEMs

Mil–specMS 14154 (our 6TC2 device)

MS 14154L (our 6TC37 device)

MS 14154V (our 6TC63 device)

USAAll U.S. Aircraft OEMs

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